Bio-Rad (formerly Plastifrance) has got more than 30 high capacity injection lines fully automated dedicated for such applications :

Aero / Automotive:

plastic protection is vital during construction and maintenance, It protects from a multitude of sources of pollution and humidity. Items are available in bright red and yellow, to be highly visible and therefore not left behind at the end of work. Bio-Rad parts have their NATO code and are refencered by the greatest companies like Airbus Helicopters, Air France, Renault, PSA, Toyota etc...

Heating and air-conditioning:

Bio-Rad supplies specific items for a wide variety of heating system (solar panels, gas, fuel oil). We also supply products for cooling systems (cooling units, air-conditioning ...).


It is essential to protect drinking water tubes from dust, germs and mould during transport. Bio-Rad supplies quality cover caps and plugs which ensure excellent protection:

Surface treatments / paintings:

We have developed a range of reusable plugs and caps to mask and protect your items during painting and surfacing operations up to 315ÆC. Supple and tapered, our protective plugs perfectly mask holes and sections of your items when installing them in the cabin.