Always attentive to your need, the logistics organization and services offered are continually improving.

4000 m2 of efficient STOCK MANAGEMENT

Optimisation of delivery timess.

with more than 10 million items in stock.

Worldwide deliveries

of any volumes.


• 4000 m² of efficient stock management

Optimisation of delivery times with more than 10 million items in stock. On request we can offer you additional packing services ( special labelling, barcode, double bagging, picking). We can also fulfill all your request for shipping : Partial or full shipment only, Paletts size or material, protective cover, …)

Worldwide deliveries of any volume.
 - Export authorization with 3 countries : Switzerland, Turkey and Mexico
 - Our sales team deals with customs formalities (import and export)
 - We can deliver you all over the world (Express, Road, Sea, Air)
 - Renewed truck platforms with truck stop safety system ateur