« Our historical know-how, recognized for the sale of high quality standard products, services and technical solutions ».


Since 1947, Bio-Rad (formerly Plastifrance) has been well managing the sale of standard products. The sales philosophy is specific with multiple references, short deadlines and high volume stored. Thanks to our 7000 references, we acknowledge more than 10 000 lines of orders per year. Our sales team understands your needs and always offers you the best solution remaining competitive.

Bio-Rad excels in this specific trade.

Bio-Rad catalogue differs from competition in its 70 years’ experience and its good quality-price ratio.


• Caps, plugs, flange covers, handles, cable glands, flexible closures, clips and grommets, shutters, bushes and washers...

• Markets: Aeronautic, Automotive, Industrial Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Household and construction , Heating & air conditioning, Painting, Pipes, Surface treatments.

• A wide range of raw materials (LDPE, HDPE, TPE, EPDM, PP, PVC, Silicone...)

• Upon request, components with the following characteristics: UV resistance, antistatic property, luminescence effects, additional colors...

• Development and manufacture of custom solutions dedicated to your application with our R&D department.

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